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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
3:46 AM
weh.. haha boring!

Saturday, April 14, 2007
1:35 AM
people, don`t mind the color of my old posts ha. kasi that was when i had my other layout. hahah :)

gosh, what happend to my archives? help me help me help me!


can somebody fix it? :D

tinksu. :))

1:35 AM

is my font too small?! :D

tell me.

sa tagboard ko. :)

thanksyou :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
5:37 PM
okay. so im bored. total suckage. ohwell, wala ln. i love paramore. ito ln ang naiisip ko gawin ngayon kuhz of their songs na nag pplay ngyn sa fster ko. bwahaha. so okaay, enjoy. :)

Vocalist: Haley Williams
Lead Guitarist: Josh Farro
Guitar: Jayson Bynum
Bass: John Hembree
Drums: Zac Farro

“All We Know Is Falling,” the debut release from Paramore on Fueled By Ramen, marks the arrival of a truly enthralling new rock band. Powered by buoyant melodies and powerful hooks, the Tennessee-based outfit’s debut is made indelible by the irresistible force of singer Hayley Williams. The 16-year-old vocalist’s earnest emotion and strikingly confident range and phrasing set Paramore apart from the pack, with the joyous noise of songs such as “My Heart” and “Here We Go Again” evincing a passionate positivism that can’t help move every listener in its path.
Raised in Meridian, Mississippi, Hayley has been raising her voice for as long as she can remember—singing and writing songs for talent contests and local commercials. At 13, her family moved to Franklin, Tennessee, where she made friends with two brothers—guitarist Josh and drummer Zac Farro. It wasn’t long before the two teenaged musicians invited Hayley to sing in their fledgling band.
The Farros helped open up Hayley’s musical horizons, introducing the talented young singer to a new world of music, from classic rock bands such as U2 and the Cure to such modern outfits as Sparta and Failure.
“It was all so new for me,” she says. “It really challenged me to use my voice in different ways. It was also good for me as a writer because I realized that lyrics didn’t have to be simple pop stuff; they could be harder and deeper.”
The band, which also now featured Hayley’s next door neighbor Jason Bynum on rhythm guitar, adopted the moniker Paramore and started performing and recording almost immediately. They played at local gatherings and their school talent show, then quickly began performing at rock venues in and around Franklin. The combination of musical energy between brothers, Jason and Hayley’s bold charisma earned them instant attention.
Paramore concentrated on the next phase of their musical journey, spending the summer and early fall in a Nashville studio cutting their first real demos. “It was great,” Hayley says. “We’ve learned a lot since then. I think we’d probably do a lot of things very differently now. But it was a great experience and I’m grateful we had the opportunity.”
With many labels anxious to sign them, the band decided to release their debut album through Fueled By Ramen. Huge fans of many of the label’s artists like Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is…, Paramore felt there was no better label to release “All We Know Is Falling.” “Fueled By Ramen is an amazing label,” Hayley says. “Some of our favorite bands are on Fueled by Ramen. We knew that they would know exactly how to carry out the vision for our band and music.”
After having seen Paramore perform only once, Fueled By Ramen’s founder John Janick knew he had to sign the band. “I seldom find a band that I feel compelled to work with after just one encounter” John says. “I knew that I had to put out the Paramore record after I met the band. Their talent, sincerity and dedication exceed that of many bands.”
In March 2005, Paramore temporarily relocated to sunny Orlando, Florida, for a couple of months. With extensive touring obligations in their immediate future, the band felt they needed to fully hone in on all aspects of their musical life before recording “All We Know Is Falling.”
“We wanted to get away from the distractions of home and just practice, write songs, record and do shows—all the things that a band does,” Hayley says.
Josh adds, “We missed home a lot. But it was awesome to be able to wake up and devote ourselves one hundred percent to playing our music.”
While in Florida, Paramore began sessions for their much-anticipated first full-length collection, working with producers James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Underoath) and Mike Green (Yellowcard, The Black Maria). The band also enlisted bassist John Hembree to fill in a deserted position and round out the line-up. They recorded new tracks such as “Emergency” and “Pressure” which display a musical enthusiasm and lyrical depth well beyond the band’s relatively young ages. In addition to her open-hearted vocal style, Williams has worked hard to expose her life and emotions in her songs.
“I always try to write from personal experience,” she says. “At first what I was writing was kind of metaphorical, but now I’ve been trying to be more straightforward. It’s all about things that have happened to me or to the people that I love.”
Paramore has won praise for their live performances, which have included dates alongside Less Than Jake, Anberlin and Copeland, as well as high profile performances on The Fueled By Ramen & Friends Tour, the Taste of Chaos Tour and the Bamboozle Festival. With this summer’s Warped Tour on the horizon, more enthralled Paramore fans will most certainly follow.
Says Josh, “We love making music together. We have the best time on stage, we feel so alive when we’re playing. We’re excited to have the world hear our songs and we hope they like what they hear. We can’t wait to get out there more and have people see what this band is all about.”

bwahaha. i didn`t read that. :P im so lazzyy. ohwell, may next time pa naman. bwahahaha. :P

lahat YTA ng songs ng paramore nasa friendster ko. ;p pakinggan nio dali! :P POSERS BACK OFF! bwahaha. labo. okay, my fster`s url is http://friendster.com/jil11 wahaha, enjoy. :P

that`s all. :]

WAiT. di ko alam kung bakit 5 yung sa band members then 4 un sa picture. bwahahaha. XD

looove, jil. :)

DiEDiEDiEDiE && DiE!
Monday, March 26, 2007
10:16 PM
so yon, wala lang. as usual. B O R E D . :

soo yahh, kan you feel the summer thing? :)) wala lang. :D me? NO. bring backk THOSE DAYS! daaarn. im about to diie. get ready for your funeral dresses. please wear rainbow colors! :)

p.s., i want my funeral to be like a party,arrryyyt? :)

NO HOMMO`S ALLOWED! i mean, only GAY people are not allowed. then everyone`s free to go. :)


- find a casket that kan be customized then put some rainbow colors on it. :)
- tell haley (paramore`s vocalist/rythim-occationally) that they are invited to my funeral. and that they will play all of their songs in their first album. && that they will have a concert after. :) :>
- buy me a funeral dress. i want it multi-colored! :):):)
- get ready for your own dress, which is supposed to have rainbow colors on it. :>
- if you`re a guy, i want you to be naked! :)) joke. i want you to wear blue tuxedo with a rainbow necktie. :)
- invite my favorite bands. :> (foreign bands dud, not opm shit. :>)
- i want a cake. so buy me one :) and i want it to have a rainbow thingy thingy on it. XD
- invite JOSH. :> <33333
- foine, invite also some foreign artist that makes the urban thinggg fuun. :):):) (musically inclined people. :>)

- holy mass. thank GOD that im having fuuuun! (LABO. :)
- make it like a casino-type thing. :D i want the young people (my friends) to play cards. then the adults will play poker with bets. :>:>:> (PEOPLE, ACT LiKE GAMBLERS!)
- ask paramore to play their song. the first song is pressure (cus that`s my first ever favorite song from them :P) then the last song is franklin. :)
- party party party party!!

- change your clothes. my elementary friends will wear RED. then my batch, freshmen, will wear ORANGE && YELLOW. then my second year friends will wear GREEN && BLUE. then my third year friends will wear iNDiGO. then my fourth year friends will wear ViOLET. = RAiNBOW!
- concert! (including paramore) then, my favorite bands,(foreign bands) will play.
- UWi na. :)

so there. that`s all. hahaha, i know. im crazy. && you`ll love it! :)) uhm, my burial? hmm. don`t mind it. il go to heaven myself! ahaha, i kann do it! yess, im independent. :>

okaaay, ansaya nitong ginawa ko. weeeeee. :P

yeahp, that`s all. :]

loove, jil. :)

8:18 AM
belated happy 24 kai! and belated happy 25 kaila!

happy 26 peejay!

advance happy 27 ivy and liia! :)

wala lang, im bored. : and that grade 5 friker is frikin bugging me with nonsense things. gosh. :))

hahaha, that`ss all. :]


Sunday, March 25, 2007
10:26 PM
okay, so this day is a really bad day. know why? first, becus i waited for like, two hours in csa without doing anything. i just stayed in the car. fcuk. total boredom. kasi, ganto yon. my brother have to go to his school (csa) then, ako, i have to get the book "rainbow boys" from gail in starbucks in rockwell. so i told my kuya (the one who`s driving) and my mom na sa rockwell nalang dumaan kasi may way naman papunta sa csa. para madaanan ko na yung book. tapos yung kuya ko sa ayala dumaan. so yon, nainis ako kasi baka umalis si gail kasi may outing pa yung class nila. then yon, when we arrived at csa, my mom told us na wait for them nalang kasi mabilis lang sila. so we said okay. then gail kept on calling and texting me and she`s was asking kung san na ako. so i said sa csa pa kasi ang tagal ng mommy ko eh. so 8 something na, (7 something kasi kami nakarating sa csa eh) wala parin si mommy. so kami naman ni kuya walang ginagawa nakatunganga lang kami. :)) funny. then yon. magkausap kami ni gail sa phone. ay, joke. kausap din pala namin si kai. hahah. then after non. mga 9 am na. wala parin ung mommy ko. then sila gail wala na sa starbucks. nasa cake ave. na sila kasi dun daw sila susunduin nung transpo nila. so yon, after non, sabi ni gail na baka daw hindi na kami mag abot so mamayang 5 pm nalang niya ibibigay yung book. so magkikita kami sa rockwell. then i said okay, sure. then yon, me and my kuya slept inside the frikin car .. then pag gising ko, quarter to 10 na .. so yon, my mom was there na. with my youngest brother. then yon, my mom asked me kung ano na nangyari sa book na hinihiram ko sa friend ko. then i said na il pick it up at five. mag cocommute ako. then il go home at 5.30-6 pm. then she said, okay. tapos she asked me kung what book ba yon, about what. etc .. so yon, we went home na then i slept again. :p

and second, when i woke up, it was time for lunch na. then i ate and ate and ate and ate. then after, i told my dad na pupunta ako sa school (pero sa powerplant talaga) mamaya around 5 pm to get the book that i was supposed to borrow awhile ago. then he said, why do you have to go back pa, eh, nag punta na ka na dun kaninang morning. so i said, ang tagal kasi ni mommy eh. umalis na yung kausap/friend ko. then he said, ano bang book yan? then i told him, rainbow boys po. then he asked again, important ba yan? i said, uhhm, not really. i just wanna read it. then he said no. wag ka na bumalik dun sa school. you`re wasting your time! may chance ka na nga to get it kanina eh, hindi mo pa kinuha. sayang ung time mo. wag na. then after that, i felt really really bad. kasi naman, ang tagal tagal ko na gusto basahin yun noh. tapos biglang ganon. eh, pinayagan naman ako ni mommy. so yon, i have no choice. then i was really pissed. : darn. >:(

then third, when i started blogging the first reason (ngayon lang), my dad told me na, call ate samantha and ask her kung ano number sa st. scho. then i said WHY? with a really annoying face. then he said, mag inquire ka. parang ako uh, okk?(na nakataas ung kilay ko sa left side. ahahah. :)).) then bigla niyang sinabi, if ever lang naman kasi eh! tapos hindi ko sha pinapansin. so he called ate sam, and asked the number. then he told me to take it down. so i did. then, after nun, before he left, he told me to call st. scho and mag inquire ako about things. and mag patulong daw ako kay kuya. so yon. nakakainis lang. SUPER. kasi they`re forcing me to study there in that frikin school eh ayaw ko naman. as in, kung ano ano na sinasabi nila sakin. daaarn. : i hate it .. haaay life. :

so there. if you were in my situation, what would you feel? i bet you`ll feel so embarassed, annoyed and like you wanna shout at them and say SHUT UP YOU FRiKiN WiMP! GET A LiiiiiFE! hahaha, well obviously, i can't do that. unless i wanna be grounded or scolded by everyone. hahaha. so there. that`s all. :) please pray for me. na sa hindi na nila ako palipatin. :D :

hahah. DRAMA!

heheh. XD


Friday, March 23, 2007
3:42 AM
this is for BNX ANDD GAiL. ung mga taong nag ssbi na rainbows are gay daw. (check my tag board) tssk. FYI! hindi kaia. rainbows are not gay. jus happy. ahahah! :)) nakuha ko un sa isang icon. wla ln. fls said rainbows are perverts. what the hell? ano kaia un. ahaha. i don`t get it. even if fls already explained it to me. ahaha. :D peeace. soo anyways. i love rainbows. c: thanks to gaelois ty. she found this skin kasi eh. ahaha. saia. :) soo okaay, wala ln. i love rainbows. yeaaah. :) sht, this day is so frikin boring. nag sleep, eat, net and tulog ln ako. daaarn. wln kwenta ako dito. ahaha. dapat kasi mag mmovie marathon kami ni kai. eh, ewan ko ba. basta idk what happend kasi hindi ko pa nakakausap si kai eh. so yon. antagal ko na ulit hindi nakakapag post. akala ko nga expired na`tong account ko eh. hindi pa pala. yaaay me! haha. wla ln. so okaay, lam nio ba, wla ln. lagi ako natutulog na sobrang madaling araw na. ahaha. habit ko na yta un eh. YTA ln. :) the latest si 5 am. yta. ahaha. wla ln. so yon, ang cute ng multiply ko. ahaha, kasi. wla ln. mejo maganda ung background na nakuha from photobucket. kasi, mejo may pagka rainbow-ish sha. haha. la ln. :) so yon. ang daming aalis ngyng year. si patty, gael, erl and kai. daaarn. ano ba un. si patty for vacation ln. un iba for good na. :( mawawala na ung dalawa kong kabanda. FCK. ano ba yan. wahaha. uhh, speaking of the "band". wla ln. serious/joke un noh. ahaha. kasi, may battle of the bands sa school. sa hs level. so, we joined kasi required each batch na may band dapat. (huh? labo.) so sa batch, dalawa ung band. my band and jam`s band. so our band name is rockavebeia then jam`s is gun`s and barbies. so yon. saia. pinaka masaiang activity of the year `to. (for me.) heheh, wla ln. you know, funfunfun! kan`t frikin believe. we won! i mean, kahit last place, ays ln. kasi 1st runner up, 2nd then 3rd. may 7 bands sa school. so 1st runner up ung isang band sa fourth year, then 2nd ung sa isang fourth year ulit, tapos kami na. ahaha saia. ung sa natirang bands, ung sa 2nd and 3rd yr, individual thngy thngy ung nakuha nila. like, best bassist, lead. ganon ganon. so yon. saia nun. :) so you might be wondering kun ano ginagawa ko dun sa band namin. well, im the drummer. ahaha, wla ln. i suck. ahaha. :D so yon. we won 3,000 pesos. then in one day, ubos ko na agad ung share ko. ahaha. eh kasi naman noh .. hahah, wla ln. :D so yon, ano pa ba? hmmm. wala na yta eh? il post again tomorrow. :) sige un ln. :) **OUTOUTOUT.

mwaachs. :)


f o u r t e e e e e e e e n !
Saturday, February 17, 2007
2:16 AM
oh yeaaaahh :P im loving 14! hahaha. annywaaay, i didn't update my blog again. haha, great. soo .. many GREAT things happend this past few days. im loving my life!üüü gaaaaasshh. the week was soo daaaaaunm fun! wahahaha ♥ wala lang :D:D oh yah, before i forget, haapppy 17 patty! love you duuuude! MWAH! ♥ so yeah, i love patty! haha. okok, im missin' somone and i still don't know how the hell can i get her number. daaaaaaamn. wahaha. so okaaay, i don't know what to say na except for im boredd. wahaha okaaay gotta go buh-bye! ♥ mwaaachs♥